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It’s go time.

What happens when you are challenged by an Olympian to find health and physical joy? …encouraged by a old friend to not give up on love? … compelled by a near stranger to grow your weaknesses into new strengths? … provoked by failed expectations to return to light heartedness? … released from occupation, the security of home and the proximity of familiar faces to learn, explore and commune beyond your current horizon?

What happens?

Well, I’m not entirely sure… but these are the happenings that I find myself provoked by after my time in California. In the next few months I will be in residence in Berlin and will use this blog to share some of the life transitions taking place on the inside and outside of my journey.

My resolution this year is to seek health holistically.

mind (study language,reading,writing,learning)

body (whole food diet, shiftfit routine)

spirit (create art, play, sing, explore)

heart (cooking, dating, dancing)

community (hosting, sharing, games, giving)

environment. (balance, less waste, simplicity).

 I’d say that it can’t hurt, but I know from experience that the really good things in life are refined through difficulty… health included.

Here’s to health and a restored imagination to create life over and over again.

 *photos// artshow @ BNIM // Point Loma Cilffs // Dan before he was stung by a stingray when we were boogie boarding // Beth and Katie supermom beach visit // Stinky tofu @ uncle Yu’s “Indian” themed restaurant // Etch-a-sketch of trouble coffee in Outer Sunset, SF // Pacific horizon in Santa Cruz // Golden gate crossing // Jason reminds me to start making vampire films again!

My WORLDS exhibit in Kansas City (14th and Baltimore) will remain installed until November 2nd. After that it will teleport and reopen in San Diego on November 8th (949 W. Hawthorne) for the Kettner night openings!

tall tales / social security

2013, 27”x20” inkjet print

routes / roots

2013, 30”x42” watercolor and acrylic on paper

My earliest memory is looking up at stars with west African coastal streetlamps flying by, while being packed into the backseat with the rest of my parent’s worldly possessions. 

On my last journey to Africa, I climbed to the top of a mound (Sakat, 1000 ft) in a line of mounds that demarcated the Kenya/ Uganda border. I remember the villages in the bush resembling the dot paintings on the mud huts. It was like a stick and poke tattoo that both shows the tribe and history while mapping a time, place and people. We are both shaping and shaped by the marks we make and the paths we choose.

paths to unfold what is already known / unyielding gift

2013, 30”x42” acrylic on paper

second helping / home away from home

2013, 27”x20” inkjet print

I remember the wonderful chaos of juggling soup and social intersections when opening my doors to the community for Sunday night dinners. I really remember the peace of the empty house after it was over and my shoes were finally off.

I often think about the joy and terror of being an oversize passenger on my way to a wedding in the high Himalayas. The most beautiful views were not documented due to hanging on to a tire for dear life while loaded with the luggage on top of the truck for a 6 hour cliffhanging trek up to a village near the Bhutanese border. Home is the friction and warmth of sharing life.

 I’m in the signature Randy Taylor “super productivity mode” to finish the work for my exhibition in Kansas City and San Diego, move out of my house, build a new portfolio, and finally by the end of the year to traverse the globe and start something new in Berlin.

 Its comedic or simply appropriate how my new work is a reflection on Kairos (qualitative time+opportune moments/experiences) and Diaspora (transitional space+indeterminate movements/relocations). I love how these two seem to always go together. They place life’s value outside of the realm of control and yet if we’re paying attention and are prepared for the journey, we can make something beautiful happen within and through the context of the unforeseen.

This year I’ve been using graphite in my sketchbook to be my free zone to play. to not critique. to meditate. to use as an icebreaker with a pretty girl at the coffeeshop. to focus. to question. to try. to pray. to explore. to listen. to release. to be present. to record. to reflect. to create. to remember.

These are some of the images that have accompanied my year and shaped my new work.

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